Sunday, January 18, 2009

200 fr meet got deeked

Sunday Jan 18th, 2009

Day 2
Longhorn Aquatics New Year's Classic USS Meet in Austin TX

event #18 Boys 200 Free
swam in heat 4 lane 5

wore Blue Seventy Nero Comp

went 1:48.9
28.05 53.68
28.50 1:22.18
26.74 1:48.92 55.24

55.24 - 53.68 = 1.56 diff
I 2 beat kicked the first 150 & 6 beat kicked the last 50
My SDK plan didn't go as I hoped it would but I took a few off each turn

got DQed for false start
I don't feel that I false started I didn't leave early
I went down to the ready position and my back leg twitched before the gun went off
I'm happy that I improved my in season 200 free time by almost 2 seconds

#32 Boys 100 Fly
Deck entered the 50 BK
plan to do the 6:00 - 7:30 masters workout monday morning before the meet


QBrain said...

Sorry Ande, that sucks.

How do you feel about your splits?

Ahelee said...

WHAT? Oh geez... I always worry about that myself.
But still, the time was good and it was great 200 free practice.
And better in this meet than Nationals.

I swear you know how to "vaporize" on a start! I tell everyone about your 50 free start next to my 800 in AZ.

Syd said...

Awesome splits, Ande. Pity about the false start. Damn good time, too.