Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Dec 11th 2008

Video of our 4 x 50 SCM fr that broke the WR for Men 160+ age group

today and tomorrow I have no masters practice in the swim center
Junior Nationals is happening

yesterday I asked eddie if I could train with his group
he said yes 6:30 am
showed up today, kubes was coaching, he said we have 3 lanes
go swim in the other pool
i did around 10 easy 50's then a life guard asked me to get out of the pool

Lifted weights

Thinking about training for the 200 IM
went 1:59.9 in 2005 wearing a FS 1,
thinking about the 50 free and 50 back
at 2008 SCY nats I went 21.43 in the 50 free & 24.41 in the 50 back
I'm curious to see how much I can improve those times
If I focused on those 2 races I'd continue speed and strength training. I also want to see how much more I can improve my SDK


Michael said...

Do you think you can beat 1:59.9 in the IM training for 50s?

I realize that your focus would be the 50s or the IM, not both, but it would be interesting to see how your IM fared at the the end of a season training specifically for 50s.

Painful for you to swim, and interesting for me to watch :)

Ande Rasmussen said...

Hi Michael,

Yes I'm stronger and faster now than I was in 2005

If I split it right it wouldn't be too painful

FL easy speed barely kick save legs BREATHE

Bk Easy speed save legs 4 or 5 SDKs BREATHE (fast back to breast turn)

BR work it, sprint it

FR work it sprint it

Right now I plan to put 200 training in from now till mid February, then switch to speed strength training

We'll see