Sunday, November 23, 2008

Got ink in the San Marcos Sunday Paper

Friday 11/21
was in Houston swam easy in the 4 seasons pool

Saturday 11/22
was planning to go to practice
woke to no water
walked outside and we had a water leak by our shed and driveway,
a pipe burst from ground shifting
(blackland prarie dirt with a high clay content so it expands and contracts with moisture)
so my son and I dug to find leak
the water made a little cave in the dirt where it was surfacing was 8 feet from where it was leaking out of the pipe. so we dug a trench that was 8 feet long 2 feet deep and 2 feet wide
till we found the leak and exposed the pipe with a hole that was about 32 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 feet deep. The dirt was real sticky, so it stuck to the shovel and made it heavier.
We eventually fixed the leak, but I was afraid I might have hurt my back or would be sore from digging. Which ended up the case.

Jay Yarid swam in a meet yesterday, he barely missed the 200 back record yesterday surprising himself with a 2:13, so came down from Dallas to take another crack at the 200 back record. He stayed in our guest house.

Jay's told me about his girl friend's daughter Maddie Bradshaw who was featured in Dallas News today

San Antonio SCM meet
Sunday 11/23
tyler blessin, todd bartee, larry wood, ed coates, Mike Harris and Bess Hilpert as well as
Jay Yarid, Fred Lemaistre, Don Walker, Jay McDonald, Kathy, and several others.

This pool isn't fast as the ASU pool

I was a bit sore and my back hurt from digging

didn't swim as well as I hoped I would

200 bk went for
50 back split
way slower than the 27.24 WR or the 27.30 that I did last week

rested up and tried again

50 bk
went 27.5 which was an improvement

50 fly went 26.4
was 26.3 last meet 26.15 last year and 26.03 LCM

tyler and Todd swam well
Todd 2:12 200 IM
Tyler 2:07. 200 bk
jay yarid broke the 45- 49 200 bk record and barely missed the WR

now I have a choice
A. should I say I'm done with SCM for 2008
B swim in a final SCM meet.

like Long Beach
All entries MUST BE RECEIVED by 6:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 25, 2008.
No individual deck entries are allowed.

Jay said he might go to the Mizzou SCM meetfast new pool

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Scott said...

Some belated congratulations on a great meet at the Ron Jackson Invitational Ande. A couple of relay masters world records and just missing out on a couple of individual ones is one hell of a meet. Keep plugging away. I'm looking forward to some time in the near future seeing your name on FINA's official list of Masters World Records.